Scatter Bags

February 26 - Scatter Church

We equipped CLC attendees for interactions with the folks in need we run into throughout the week by making "Scatter Bags." Each family made two kinds, Smile Bags and Bad Day Bags. Smile Bags where filled with food, a deck of cards, fresh socks, and a few other things to help someone experiencing homelessness through their day. Each family walked away with one Smile Bag, intending to open a conversation with and provide a small amount of tangible help to someone in need. The second bag was a Bad Day Bag to give to someone they know in their life who is having a bad day. This was a kid-friendly morning with kid-specific Bad Day Bags and a special part to play in the Smile Bags. CLC provided all the contents for creating both types of bags. We also (as always) had donuts and coffee.

Going beyond Sunday

What else can I do?

Keep your eyes open for those around you in need. Coworkers, classmates, friends, family, and strangers are often hurting. Gestures as small and simple as a smile, a cup of coffee, and genuine interest in what's happening in their life can have huge impacts. We can't solve the world's problems, but we can make the day to day lives of those around us easier to bear.