Second Chance Month

March 25 - Prison Fellowship

In anticipation of April's Second Chance Month, we took the opportunity to approach an expanding societal issue. A growing population of prisoners leads to more families affected, as well as a larger percentage of Americans with a criminal record. Eventually these facts will affect Evergreen.

Prison Fellowship Field Director Mary Ellen Armbruster presented and explored the downward cycle of incarceration.  We also heard Kizzy tell her story, a woman who followed her mother's path in and out of prison, broke the cycle, and is now a testimony of redemption.  We also heard Melonie's story. She reached out, helped Kizzy, and gained more in return. Learn what you can do to make a dent in this growing problem.

About Prison Fellowship - In 1974, Chuck Colson, a former top aide to President Nixon, voluntarily pled guilty to obstruction of justice on a Watergate-related charge and served seven months in Alabama’s Maxwell Prison.  Once released, he founded Prison Fellowship in 1976, which has become the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. 

Going Beyond Sunday

If you are interested in mentoring prisoners or ex-cons, or getting involved in another way, contact Mary Ellen via or 571-252-6837.