Scatter Freedom

March 26 - Compassion International, IJM, A21

This event exposed people to the reality of poverty in our world and then invited peopled to join the fight in specific ways both individually and as a church family.  CLC partnered with Compassion International, International Justice Mission, and A21 in a four phase journey where we stepped into the shoes of a family in Uganda, learned the hidden reason behind poverty, explored our personal impact in furthering global slavery, and chose a lifestyle change in order to do something that matters. 

going beyond sunday



What else can I do?


We would love for you to write a letter or card to the girls in our restoration facilities. Some ideas as to what to write are:

  • Words of encouragement.
  • Let them know you are thinking of/praying for them.
  • Anything to cheer them up and let them know you believe in them and their ability to overcome.

All letters and cards should be sent to one of our offices, where they will be screened and forwarded to the girls in our shelter. Please address your letter generically (ie. ‘Dear Beautiful’ or ‘Dear Friend’).

The A21 Campaign 1904 Harbor Bvd, #831 Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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