If you are a musician looking to use your skills and talents to help lead people into worship we are seeking you.

This is a demanding position at Colorado Life Church as it will require you to be able to attend and participate in practice during off-Sundays before service on a Sunday. We do this to ensure that we create an environment in worship that is free of distractions from musical miscues. For the same reason we audition all potential musicians. Unlike most churches, our worship sets will come primarily after the sermon which we believe puts more emphasis on the quality of the music we play. After people hear God speaking to them they often need time to digest and respond. What better way than through song?

If you are interested in playing with us contact our worship director at for more information on the audition process.


If you are technically savvy and have a desire to learn or have experience in lighting, sound or video production, we want you!

Right now the production team is a small crew who have picked up what needs to be done and learned it themselves. Do not be intimidated if you have never touched a sound board or edited a video! All we need are folks who are willing to learn and constantly improve how the church looks and sounds. Being on the production team makes you a part of what makes the church environment engaging to many walks of life. You will be helping to create intrigue and excitement for sermons. You will help make worship an engaging and immersive experience. You will directly influence how any given Sunday feels to a first time attender. 

If you are interested in making a difference every single Sunday for the entire congregation without ever stepping on stage, email our service program director at .